There is so much to consider when taking on a kitchen or bathroom improvement project. The pressure of having to make so many design decisions can be overwhelming. Working with a qualified kitchen designer is a step in the right direction.

Working with a professional kitchen designer

A kitchen designer will help you strike the delicate balance between design and function, and select durable high-quality materials within budgetary limits. They will prove invaluable in assessing various options and identifying features that best suit your unique needs. In short, a qualified designer will open up possibilities you never thought possible, while saving you time and money.

Think of it this way, a kitchen and bathroom designer is your partner; they act as your guide and project organizer. A professional kitchen designer is specially trained to help you understand the basics of cabinetry design and construction. A kitchen designer assesses options, honing in on features that best meet your needs. Outlining features and benefits is the main job of your kitchen designer.

Now that you understand the valuable role a professional kitchen designer will play, we turn our attention to the process of choosing your designer. Choose an individual with experience and versatility. You want a professional you can trust. Someone that stays current with the latest trends and can provide the level of information you require to make decisions with confidence. When choosing to hire a professional kitchen designer, here are a few important factors worth considering:

  • Work style: You want to hire someone that is collaborative – an individual that will work alongside you, asking for your opinion as well as making recommendations.
  • References: Be sure to ask for references, and speak to them about the designer’s communication skills and ability to complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Project Photographs: Ask to see photos of their completed kitchen and bathroom designs.
  • Comfort Level: It’s very important to choose a designer with whom you feel comfortable. A successful project requires you to hire someone that readily offers their time, expertise, and brings a fresh approach to your space.

Once you’ve hired a designer, it’s important not to pass all responsibility – be proactive and bring your ideas and specific needs or concerns to your first meeting.

Lectus Cabinets carefully selects qualified and knowledgeable dealers to offer our cabinetry to you. Bring your vision to our savvy design professionals and be amazed at how quickly your dreams become reality.